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It was a joke until it wasn't. We were watching the live stream on the news then it made it to the security cameras. A white lady ran into the establishment talking bout 'the cops are shooting rubber bullets for no reason! I got hit in the f#$%in' leg!' ...that's when I realized these bullets are for everybody.

The crazy thing is the casual demeanor the residents have. They're just used to it. 'This has nothing on Ferguson,' I heard a million times. The bartender told us to wait a while before leaving, but we say a window of opportunity and had a local with a plan. Lord knew if anything happened to my mama's borrowed car that was parked on the street, there would be another RIP post to share.

From safety, we again streamed the crowds and watched the happenings of where we once were. Rosalita's, or 'rosie-la-tatas' as my friend who can't read says, the home of the mediocre enchilada-- swarmed. I'm so glad I moved my mama's car.


Last time I had it, I wasn't impressed but figured I need to try again. I rode to the top of the arch and back down and thought Murphy Lee would be waiting at the end but apparently that was a myth.

In 2003, I started at Purdue and meet 6 other kind hearted randoms. Being lame, we called ourselves the Magnificent 7. I got to catch up with one of the magnificent and her two offspring which solidified the fact that we're old AF. It's amazing the twists and turns friendships can take and still keep on course. Done with the visits, now off to the wild. But first...

TOP GOLF. I got hooked in Denver and now I'm the Maya Moore of golf (I don't know any golfers).

Oh, Broad Ripple.

I had to touch it to see if it was real. Every time I'm here it's the best night of my life that quickly turns into the worst once that perfect vision having ass hindsight kicks in. Driving the 'shortcut' (read: same ass time, you just speed) from West Lafayette at midnight, to catch the bars before they close leads to engrained memories tied to 'lick' by Joi. I passed the exact spot I failed that night and got by unscathed like Mario after getting a green mushroom and another shot.

Hmmm...another shot. The crew looks different but much is the same. Left ring fingers filled to match their phone galleries with pictures of middle school faces. Gray hair cutting through the black like white women who 'didnt see you standing there.' The jokes and drinks are endless.

I would list attendees but that just sounds like a recitation of lives lost due to unjust police killings. Instead, I'll reserve the BLM content for the riot ridden next stop:

St. Louis.


I woke up to the sounds of a 4 and 6 year old living their life like it's golden. The 4 year old told me I was only allowed to drink out of a plastic cup, so I followed directions. I have to earn his trust before I can get glass. He ran the house. While showering, I heard the door open and 'who's in here?' heavily echoed through the soaking wet bathroom.

(Apparently, there was a bath time gone wrong moment that morning)

The boy is 4, but he sounded like a grown man. I said my whole name before realizing I was talking to a child.


I Quit My Job Cuz Fck Dem Hoes.

The best quote of the morning. Invited over for breakfast, I was treated to an accidental gourmet meal because they were out of everything but eggs, cheese, guac and Brussels sprouts.


Odometer set.

Road Trippin'

I'm taking off. I'll be documenting it all right here. 


The evolution of Andre

In progress commissioned piece.

In progress.

If you wanna be real.


The state of being whole and undivided.

This makes me sick when it takes me 10 tries to get 'guarantee' right. Yea, I just googled it.