The Bad Lands to Rapid City.

The car was disgusting and I took out at least 5 butterflies on 90 west. For four hours, I read signage for an upcoming historic gas station/store. That was pretty much the only thing there was to look forward to other than the actual park.

Stopped at looked around the Bad Lands, which to me, described every part of South Dakota. There were scenic views that wowed me largely because there was nothing there. It was the kind of trip that made me think, 'if I die here and now, how long before someone finds me?'

Interesting fact, but I'm sure Tommy's ice cream was weak. 1780's ice cream? Hard pass.

The entrance was full of mostly 80+ year old white people. I was 1 of 4 blacks, which was 2 more than I anticipated. After reading the exhibits, I found myself more concerned about how engineers preserve the monument and not why it was built. The cracks kill. Cracks is whack.

The road back was picture perfect. I'm sure there are a million more stars in the sky out west. We ended up right back where we started, in the middle of the Garth Brooks welcoming party. Minnesota? Iowa? Not sure where I'm headed, next.